Yellow Rock - new way in investing crypto

YRD token is the first vault product in our project. It will start from keeping the vaule due to vault value, but after that it will skyrocket due to burning of underlaying assets and coin! Join us to to earn and manage the vault by voting in governance!
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Circulation supply
Burned this cycle
Next public sale start
17nd October 21:00 UTC
Market cap
$ NaN
Burned to date
Vault value
$ NaN
Strong Vault

Behaind our token there is strong vault with a selected coins inside which are working on you through staking and farming. The vault secures the price of YR token. Earnings are divided to burning and increasing values of vault.


Live amount of assets with current price and value is always visible in table on main page in table below as well as wallet address, so the users can verify whenever they want.


The only way to increase the total supply of YR is buy them on public sales which will incerase the vault size, so the number of coins per one YR will only rise.Burning protocol and increasing vault size make YR deflationary token!

Community owned

No investors, fair launch. No coins for developers and owners. Governance will be able to change allocation of funds on assets, change coins used and all correlated stuff with governance voting.

  • Vault Size

    $ NaN

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  • Earned 7d